June 30, 2008

Brilliant Post Over At Wit's Bitch

Are you sick and tired of the sex confusion in the recent years? Are you baffled by boys who dress like girls and end up looking like neither? Well, if you are, Sandy from Wit's Bitch has a hilarious post about the feminization of men. If you're not, go check it out anyway! You'll laugh your head off!

June 28, 2008

Nicole Scherzinger At Nelson Mandela Birthday Concert

What with her dark glasses, all black outfit, and most of all - that tasteless lace shirt, Nicole looks as if she were attending Nelson Mandela' funeral (heaven forbid!), not his birthday party! And even if that were the case, we're all sure she has very nice breasts, she doesn't have to put them on display like that. Seriously, she's beautiful, she's got a great body, all she needs now is a bit of taste!

Vanessa Paradis For Miu Miu

Vanessa Paradis (French musician and Johnny Depp's partner) has replaced Kirsten Dunst as the new face of Miu Miu. This is the first available photo from the campaign. What do you think? I must say I'm not too thrilled. It just doesn't seem too original, and poor Vanessa is dressed like she's going scuba-diving. The bag is also a bit awkward, but the makeup is pretty, although not quite wearable in real life.

Beyonce Stuck In The 80s

Oh no, no, no! Beyonce, we do know your body is "bootylicious", but women as curvy as you should never ever wear tight stretchy dresses as this one. Now I come to think of it, no one, whatever body type they have, should wear this particular dress. Why? Um, well, because it's ugly and it should have stayed back in the 80s where it belongs.

June 26, 2008

The Diesel Scubaboot

Now I don't know what I find more outrageous: the ugliness of these boots, or the fact that they used to cost £95 (now on sale for £58). What on earth would you wear these with, unless if there were an outbreak of a deadly virus - then they would go just perfectly with your protective suit! Or perhaps if you worked in a stable...
So, if you happen to live in a swamp or have farm animals to take care of, hurry and snatch your pair here!

June 24, 2008

Beautiful Bags: On Sale At Net-A-Porter

I've been eying the VBH Python box clutch for months now! I love everything about it - the shape, the python skin, and especially the colors! Don't you just love that watercolor effect? If the answer is 'yes', AND you don't mind spending £585 (reduced from £780) on a bag, you can get it here.

Check out these other beautiful clutches available on sale at Net-A-Porter as well (links below):

Devi Kroell Crystal embellished clutch - £1,144

Devi Kroell Crystal embellished box clutch£735

Miu Miu Dragonfly clutch- £483

Stella McCartney Wood engraved box clutch- £367.50

VBH Ostrich leather clutch - £870

Speaking Of Polyvore...

Here's my latest set.

Fun For Fashion And Beauty Addicts

If you're addicted to fashion and beauty, and you've got some time on your hands, I have a couple of excellent, highly contagious timekillers to recommend.
Number 1 is Polyvore, where you can make your own fashion sets and dream about all the designer clothes you'd wear if you had that kind of money. And number 2 is my recent discovery - Taaz, a website where you can upload your own pictures and then give yourself makeovers and try different hairstyles. I've been playing with it tonight, so I might upload some of the pictures a bit later.
Another interesting idea is Liftmagic where you can check out what you'd look like after some of the most common plastic surgery procedures! (I thought I looked ridiculous... oh well, that must mean I'm perfect, hehehe)

June 23, 2008

My Outfit Today - Similar Enough, 23/06

I couldn't find pictures of some of the exact items I'm wearing, but this is more or less it. My jeans are by Mexx, and I don't remember where I bought the shirt. The other items are identical, including my precious Miss Sixty shoes, and makeup by Bourjois, Rimmel and L'Oreal.

Florals Gone Awry

Everyone knows that florals are big this season, and so is purple. Well, with this Marc Jacobs Poppy print blouse, there seems to be a "too much of a good thing" situation... Frankly, I think that if you looked meticulously enough in your grandma's closet, you'd be sure to find something like this. And I'm not too keen on paying £505 to look like an old lady. Or maybe I just don't get it? What do you think?

Sienna Miller's Done It Again

Oh. My. God. Would you look at that outfit! Seriously, this is what you would get if Alex from A Clockwork Orange mated with Liza Minnelli!

June 19, 2008

Summer's Here: Slingback Wedges At Buckle

I know that a lot of people just like to go for a pair of cheap and comfy flip flops in the summer, but I'm more into wedges. They're more comfortable than conventional heels, but still stylish (especially in comparison to flip flops). They also go well with anything and give your legs a touch of femininity.
I'm especially partial to the cute retro slingback wedges they're selling in the Buckle online shop. My eyes sparkle when I see all those lovely patterns and colors!
This is just a preview (click on the image for a bigger view), and for all the styles, head over to the shop.

June 18, 2008

Crystal + Lucy Awards: Cameron Diaz

Cameron's style tends to be a little on the meh side, but this time she hit the nail on the head! Her beautiful understated dress with a delicate floral print is nicely accentuated by the red of the scarf, and the satin shoes are pure perfection.
My only objection is that the hair could have been better, but on account of the outfit, she's forgiven.

Crystal + Lucy Awards: Nicole Richie

Interesting choice Nicole... Brave at the very least... I wonder what made Nicole come dressed as Gandalf?

June 17, 2008

Jessica Dress At Delia's

As I've said earlier, we'll be looking at beachwear for the next few days, and my choice for today is this floral dress from Delia's.
As you know, floral prints and bright colors are the big thing this season, so you can't go wrong with them (well, yes... you can. But not with this dress.). I also quite like the cut - the halter top gives it an especially summery feel. Wear it with a pair of flip flops in one of the colors from the dress, and a big matching straw bag, and you're ready to head for the beach!

Liza Minelli's Clothes Gone Missing

I imagine the explanation behind this picture must be something like this: Liza was backstage, getting ready for her appearance when, suddenly, she discovered her clothes had been stolen. Someone:"Liza, you're on in 10 seconds!"
Liza: "Oh, damn! What I'm gonna do? I'll have to just put on this coat over my underwear and pray no one will notice!"
Well, we have noticed... Will the person who stole Mrs Minelli's clothes please give them back? She is, after all, a respectable, elderly lady...

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Tara Reid In The Turquoise Cap Incident

Okay, I know that this is kind of a really easy shot... I mean reviewing any Tara Reid's outfit mostly boils down to a single word... Yeah, you guessed it! Our word of the day is... FUG!
But boy, oh boy, has she outdone herself! The dress... Kinda meh... Could be acceptible if Miss Reid remembered to iron it before she left the house. But what for the love of god is that on her head???
She must have thought: "Hmm, I need some really classy but unique accessories for my outfit... I know! I'll make a little turquoise cap!"
Um, Tara, next time just pay someone to dress you, okay honey?

June 16, 2008

All Kinds Of Wrong: Revlon Perfect Pedicure

What's wrong with having a perfect pedicure, you'd say. Well, nothing really, except for the fact that what lurks behind that innocent name are - you might want to sit down - fake toenails! Yes! Fake! Toenails! This leaves me almost too disgusted for words! Toenails are meant to be cut and kept as short as possible, and this implies that you actually want them to be longer than they normally are! First of all, French pedicure is a hideous thought in itself, but to go a step further and buy fake plastic claws for your feet?? Just... Gross!
Here's the link. I hope no one will abuse it!

Wanted: Beautyblender

What is a beautyblender? Well, apparently it's some sort of a new, revolutionary make-up sponge, which blends your make-up perfectly to give you an air-brushed effect. I've read some dazzling reviews of this product, and it seems that a lot of celebrities have gone wild over it.
Now I'm really intrigued to see how it works.
The price is $19.95, and it's available at the beautyblender website.

June 15, 2008

Cynthia Rowley Lydia Oversized Patent Clutch

After the recent footwear fiascoes, I had to find an object of beauty on which to focus my thoughts in order to calm down. This gorgeous oversized Cynthia Rowley clutch grabbed my attention both with its femininity, and the punk attitude coming from the zippers. Aaaah, my favorite combo... Not to mention the vibrant color... I can see a million genius outfits that could be created with the help of this little bag masterpiece. It can be yours for $195.

Cocobelle Bahia Elastic Sock Thong Sandal

You know what I said earlier about the Vibram five fingers being the ugliest shoes on the face of the earth? Well, I'm not sure, but I might take it back! At least the Vibrams have some purpose (in sports), but what the hell is the purpose of these atrocities?? Apart from being blindingly hideous, they are the practical equivalent of wearing a woolen scarf over your bikini!
By the way, I don't think these should be bought by anyone, but if you insist, you can get them here

Kors Danger Wedges

I'm sure you've noticed that the shoe designers have been playing with the look of the heel this year. Kors by Michael Kors Danger Wedges are another interesting example of this trend, but one of the rare ones I think I might like. While they have an unusual cut-out wedge heel, they still manage to look feminine and elegant. With a huge range of colors (I've seen black, silver, gold, red and yellow - but there might be more) and a not too shocking price tag ($230), they could be a great choice for this summer.

The Award For Ugliest Footwear

...If it existed, would surely go to Vibram Five Fingers. Honestly, have you ever seen anything so ugly? Shoes are meant to be a thing of beauty, not.... this! Excuse me now, I think I just threw up in my mouth a little...
Oh, and, by the way, aren't you supposed to have toes on your feet, not fingers? So Vibram not only has a dreadful sense of aesthetics, they also suffer from serious anatomical misconceptions..

Patriotic Misdemeanors

Patriotism is fine by me, really. But going to the beach dressed in a flag? And then wrapped in another, bigger one...? A bit over the top... It's one thing to love your country. But to look like a fool for your country? Completely unnecessary, methinks!
If, however, you're willing to sacrifice your sense of style, in order to show your undying loyalty for the States, buy the swimsuit here.

Summer Is Here!

... And it's time to head for the beach. In the next couple of weeks I'll try to provide you with examples of great and... well... not so great swimwear and other items you'll need this summer. So, to kick things off, here's a few lovely two-piece suits from Victoria's Secret.

Blocks of bright colors are hot this season, remember?

A beautiful classic look in plum, with pretty bottom part embellishments:

And here's a fun floral look:

All of these can be bought at the Victoria's Secret online shop, and here are the links and prices:

Becca® by Rebecca Virtue Oval-ring wrap halter top and scoop bottom - $46+31
Very Sexy®
Racerback halter top and scoop bottom
- $25+37
FLoral triangle top and micro-scoop bottom $36+15

June 13, 2008

Lindsay Lohan New Leggings Collection

Lindsay Lohan is obsessed with leggings, that much is clear. But really, she already did one collection of atrocities... Does she have to do it again? And how many different styles of leggings can you do??
If you happen to like this idea, the collection should be out by the end of August.

Shoe Frenzy: Christian Louboutin's Very Prive Pumps

These have been around for a while now, but time passing doesn't do anything to extinguish my burning desire for this delectable pair of peep toes. I've always been a sucker for sequins (btw, sequins that cost £530/$1030 are called "paillettes", according to Net-a-porter), AND bright colors, so these are right up my alley! Follow the link above if you can afford to buy them, or if you only want to admire them from a few more angles.

Would You Wear Friends Forever Ballerinas?

Yes, I can be a little childish sometimes, and I find these kinda cute. If I had a little girl, I'd buy these for her without a second thought. What puzzles me, though, is that these shoes from Pretty Ballerinas come in adult, not kids' sizes... Sure, it'd be cute to wear them - as a joke. But 149 EUR ($230) for a joke... What do you say? Or would you wear them for real?
If you would, here is the link.

Mischa Barton At The Happening Premiere

Mischa Barton is a fairly pretty girl. Which makes it an even bigger shame that she can't dress properly to save her life! Compared to some of the outrageous outfits we've seen from her over the years, this one is pretty tame, but still... I know that ruffles are popular this season, but Mischa has such a nice figure, and all this dress does for her is make her look like a barrel on legs. Maybe it would've all been better if she had at least worn some delicate strappy sandals. I know those are Louboutins, but they are just too heavy for this breezy dress.

Hair Hats

Now, would you go anywhere wearing an animal-shaped hat? How about an animal-shaped hat made from your own hair? While it's still growing from your head? While I'm sure there aren't many people with that kind of courage, it still is an amazing sight (by "amazing", I mean "amazingly bizzare"). Check out these incredible creations here.

My Outfit Today - Similar Enough

*If you'd like to buy the items from this post, the Miss Sixty jeans and the belt can be found here and here. The top is Miss Selfridge, and the shoes are from Debenhams, but both are now unavailable.

June 12, 2008

Pick of the Week (Reasonably Priced)

Here comes part II of the dress pick of the week, this time with pretty dresses regular people can afford.
To start things off, let me present you with this elegant Audrey Hepburn style dress by Dorothy Perkins. The print is gorgeous, and I'm sure that if you wore this with dark red shoes and huge sunglasses no one would guess that it cost only £20.00/$39.00!

My next pick is the Numph Embroidered Dress available over at Oli for just £25.00/$49.00. Purple is one of this year's huge trends, and I really like the embroidered flower detail.

The Broidery Anglais Prom Dress can be purchased at Newlook's online shop, also for £25.00/$49.00. The delicate whiteness of the dress is perfect for the summer, and it can be dressed up or down, depending on the accessories.

Pick of the Week (Luxurious)

I couldn't decide on just one, so I chose four beautiful dresses. They are all designer and insanely expensive, and I can't afford any of them. However, one can at least admire them and daydream...
The first one is the Strapless dress with bow back by Roksanda Ilincic (£795.00/$1550). I love the deep metallic midnight blue, and I also have a soft spot for strapless dresses.

Number two is the Balenciaga Coatdress with button details, in beautiful yellow jacquard. It's so gorgeously retro. Wear it with a pair of knee-high boots to feel like you're a Bond girl from the 60s! It's priced at £1,200.00/$2330.

Number three is the Phillip Lim Printed dress with belt. I adore the kimono-style cut of this dress, as well as the print on the vivid magenta. At £395.00/$770 this is also the most affordable of the lot.

And finally, we have the Boudicca Lace dress with puffed sleeves. This is the most expensive of the four, and it costs a staggering £1,390.00/$2700. But it's just breathtaking... The black lace, silk lining, the cute puffed sleeves, the lace belt... Anyone care to lend me 3000 bucks?

Swatch Love Explosion

This is what I got from my husband for our first wedding anniversary. Isn't it the most beautiful ring you've ever seen...? I absolutely adore it! If you like it as much as I do, you can purchase it online here.

Bag Roundup

Here's a few interesting things I've come across while browsing through the bag section of Etsy (a website specializing in trade of homemade objects):

a) Things I'd like to have

I've found some incredibly cute clutches, and a laptop bag I'd put my laptop in if I had one.

Here's the lovely Asian Cherry Blossom Laptop Bag

b) Pure Fug

My heart bleeds at the very thought that a deer died so that someone would make a bag which looks like an original accessory from Homo neanderthalensis's wardrobe!

Hasn't it always been your secret fashion desire to carry your skirt over your shoulder instead of wearing it around your bum? No...? Yeah, I thought so...

c) What the hell is this??

My first guess would be that the pictures below show some sort of a puppet and a curious parasitic creature living in symbiosis with the bushes. My second guess is that they show props stolen from the filming of the Teletubbies. By the way, the first, erm, thing is described as being a "soft dusky pink" colour? Okaaaay....

Here are the links and prices if you'd like to buy any of these:
The poppy clutch - $65
The bird clutch - $58
The laptop bag - $84
buckskin bag - $69.95
tropical green purse $22.50
oh daisy felt bag - $32
flower bag - $35

June 11, 2008

The Feet Nibblers

Um, Whitney... Ok now, don't panic... But I think some strange algae have attacked your feet... yeah, just thought that you should know...
(*Btw, who is Whitney Port anyway?)

A Return To Form For SJP

Sarah Jessica Parker has developed into such a fashion icon that basically, nowadays she could wear a potato sack and she'd still meet universal praise from fashion critics and us, mere mortals, alike. And I think she knows it. And what's worse, I think Patricia Field knows it... Who's Patricia Field? She is the costume designer for Sex And The City, i.e. the person behind Carrie Bradshaw's outfits. Thus, we've been seeing some pretty wild and random combos from SJP lately, both in character and out.
However, it seems she's come to her senses, because at the MTV Movie Awards she looked absolutely stunning! The glittery dress, the Louboutins, the makeup... And the hair, oh my, the hair...
She just outshined everyone else... By far!