July 31, 2008

Wonderful Stuff From J.Crew

I've been browsing the J.Crew online store the whole evening, and the general conclusion is that I would like to buy more or less everything! Honestly, I think that, if someone gave me enough money to get everything I want from that place, I'd never have to shop for clothes or shoes for the rest of my life! Well, okay, I'm exaggerating a bit... How would I live if I knew I'd never be allowed to buy another pair of shoes for the rest of my life? But you know what I mean...
Since there are SO MANY absolutely impeccable pieces available at J.Crew, I'm going to have to break my finds into sections. So, let's start!

Coats And Jackets

Double-cloth lady day coat in royal violet, $330.00.

Bouclé mohair Lucille jacket , $285.00. This color is called "spicy mustard", but of course, it's chartreuse, which is one of my favorite colors. There's a lovely version in orange as well.

Soirée jacket , $250.00. I love the cute, slightly retro design of this jacket!


Cotton-silk lawn twisted-placket shirt, $68.00. Now, this shirt has a twisted placket designed to keep the collar open at a perfect angle at all times! How cool is that?!

Whisper lamé tank , $98.00. Just look at that beautiful gold sheen.


Fleur patterned peep-toe heels in a gorgeous deep Atlantic color scheme, $228.00.

Lulu leather peep toes , $198.00. I like the unconventional pink/red combo, but for those of you who don't, there are plenty others.

Perfect patent-leather pumps, $185.00.

Fleur suede peep-toe heels , $195.00.


Antiqued-gold sequin dress , $595.00. This dress is a bit on the expensive side, I admit, but I think it looks the price.

Julianne Dress, $148.00. Just so you know, this color is called "bright rhubarb". I'd choose it over any LBD.

Super 120s dress, $180.00. The cut of this dress looks universally flattering and the color is magnificent (although it's available in other, more boring colors as well).


Andie bag, $495.00. This patent leather autumn bag comes in black too.

Italian patent-leather Sonia clutch , $98.00.

Chiffon rosette belt, $38.00. This corsage belt might be a bit over the top for some, but I think it's very pretty and feminine. Apart from this one, there are three other color combos.

Crystal spangle cuff bracelet, $150.00. I've been obsessed with cuffs lately, and they're definitely one of my favorite trends this year!

July 28, 2008

Kim Kardashian At The Big Mac 40th Birthday Party

Alas, Kim could have looked lovely here, if it weren't for her forgetfulness! Apparently, she forgot to put her top on and turned up in her bikini/bra. Now Kim, next time you're invited to an event. please set the following reminder: GET DRESSED!

Jodie Marsh In American Apparel Leggings (And Not Much Else)

You remember how I wondered who actually shops at American Apparel? Well, surprise, surprise! It's the fashion queen - Jodie Marsh! Don't you just love her entire outfit? *runs off to vomit*

July 27, 2008

Zebra Madness

As I think I've already mentioned, I love me some animal print! Of course, animal print is a tricky thing: you have to be very, very careful, otherwise you can easily end up looking like:
a) a time-traveler from the 80s


b) a prostitute.

It's best to keep it simple and never have more than one animal print item on at a time.
Now, if you agree with my views and you'd like to add some stylish animal print pieces to your wardrobe, I've come across some wonderful zebra print shoes at Moda In Pelle (called Cariah, and available for £85.00/$170.00), and a beautiful Michael Kors oversized clutch ($198.00).

July 25, 2008

Dr. Scholl's Dance 2 Mule

Well, Dr. Scholl obviously doesn't go dancing much, 'cause not often do you get a chance to see a pair of shoes that evoke dancing less than these... I can just imagine some unfortunate, delusional Dr. Scholl aficionado turning up at a club wearing these mules, then wondering why people are edging slowly away from her so that now she's the only one left on the dance floor.
I'm sure there are plenty other names beginning with "D", that would be far more suitable than "Dance Mules". How about "Damn Ugly Mules"?
Also, why does a pair of mules have a faux fur insole? When is it ever going to be warm enough for mules, but still rather chilly on the soles of your feet??

Amanda Peet At Late Show And X-Files 2 Premiere

What's with Amanda Peet's dresses?? The two pictures were taken only a few days apart, and in both she seems like she's wearing a strange life form. While that may be in the spirit of the new X-Files movie (which I can't wait to see), I think she had no reason for obscuring her wonderful figure like that. I'm getting slightly put off by the ubiquitous ruffle trend, and the feather skirt is not the most flattering style ever invented either. However, Anne Hathaway wore something similarly feathery a few weeks ago and I remember everyone hailed her as the new queen of style. So I might be wrong about Amanda. What do you think?

July 22, 2008

Maggie Gyllenhaal At The Dark Knight London Premiere

Now, I can tell you, I'm not a fan of Maggie Gyllenhaal's style. I know a lot of people think she can do no wrong (movie and style-wise), but I happen to think she has a knack for picking out the most unflattering outfits possible. This time it's no different... Not only has she chosen a jumpsuit (instinctively makes me skeptical), she's chosen a shapeless, silk jumpsuit which makes her look like she has no waist. It's also rather low cut and makes her crotch and breasts look disturbingly close to each other. Finally, can you see her feet anywhere? I rest my case.

July 20, 2008

Stripper Clothes

Sandy over at Wit's Bitch has unearthed some rather hideous stripper shoes, and I've found just the right dress to go with them! The Miss Selfridge Gold Foil One Shoulder Dress - every sex worker's must-have item - has been reduced from £35.00 to £12.00. So, if you're feeling a bit like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman, you know where to get the appropriate costume.

Unappetizing Jeans At American Apparel

My views on clothes from American Apparel are quite simple and pretty much boil down to "I wouldn't be caught dead in any of that stuff". I don't know why I visited their online shop... It's one of those bizarre compulsions, like when you see something gross, and you really don't want to look, but you just have to...
It never occurred to me though to check out their male section, until, while admiring some of the ugliest jeans I've ever seen, I noticed a tiny link that said "View a man in this unisex style". Oh, what a mistake...
Really... Honestly... Have you ever seen anything as unattractive as this?? I'm more or less certain that just looking at this picture for longer than 30 seconds is enough to turn any woman into a lesbian... AND, I'm quite sure these jeans have special powers: they grant the wearer celibacy for life!
Click on the picture to get a bigger view. Though maybe it would be smarter not to...

July 18, 2008

And Some More Alexander McQueen: Peacock Jacquard Dress

...Because, really, what every woman dreams of is paying $7,980.00 for a dress that'll make her hips look even bigger than they already are...