July 27, 2008

Zebra Madness

As I think I've already mentioned, I love me some animal print! Of course, animal print is a tricky thing: you have to be very, very careful, otherwise you can easily end up looking like:
a) a time-traveler from the 80s


b) a prostitute.

It's best to keep it simple and never have more than one animal print item on at a time.
Now, if you agree with my views and you'd like to add some stylish animal print pieces to your wardrobe, I've come across some wonderful zebra print shoes at Moda In Pelle (called Cariah, and available for £85.00/$170.00), and a beautiful Michael Kors oversized clutch ($198.00).


Maria said...

Love the shoes! I agree that one should be very careful when it comes to animal prints, but they can look classy if chosen carefully.

Luxual said...

love the clutch! so classic!

Chat Blanc (aka Sandy) said...

great signature pieces! :)

Ian said...

I think you're right about animal prints -- they can be pretty dangerous, and do tend to make people look like prozzies. But if you do it right it can look great.

Zebra always makes me think of Patsy Stone (which kind of confirms both of your points.. heh)

Suparna said...

really looks very classic.