July 31, 2008

Wonderful Stuff From J.Crew

I've been browsing the J.Crew online store the whole evening, and the general conclusion is that I would like to buy more or less everything! Honestly, I think that, if someone gave me enough money to get everything I want from that place, I'd never have to shop for clothes or shoes for the rest of my life! Well, okay, I'm exaggerating a bit... How would I live if I knew I'd never be allowed to buy another pair of shoes for the rest of my life? But you know what I mean...
Since there are SO MANY absolutely impeccable pieces available at J.Crew, I'm going to have to break my finds into sections. So, let's start!

Coats And Jackets

Double-cloth lady day coat in royal violet, $330.00.

Bouclé mohair Lucille jacket , $285.00. This color is called "spicy mustard", but of course, it's chartreuse, which is one of my favorite colors. There's a lovely version in orange as well.

Soirée jacket , $250.00. I love the cute, slightly retro design of this jacket!


Cotton-silk lawn twisted-placket shirt, $68.00. Now, this shirt has a twisted placket designed to keep the collar open at a perfect angle at all times! How cool is that?!

Whisper lamé tank , $98.00. Just look at that beautiful gold sheen.


Fleur patterned peep-toe heels in a gorgeous deep Atlantic color scheme, $228.00.

Lulu leather peep toes , $198.00. I like the unconventional pink/red combo, but for those of you who don't, there are plenty others.

Perfect patent-leather pumps, $185.00.

Fleur suede peep-toe heels , $195.00.


Antiqued-gold sequin dress , $595.00. This dress is a bit on the expensive side, I admit, but I think it looks the price.

Julianne Dress, $148.00. Just so you know, this color is called "bright rhubarb". I'd choose it over any LBD.

Super 120s dress, $180.00. The cut of this dress looks universally flattering and the color is magnificent (although it's available in other, more boring colors as well).


Andie bag, $495.00. This patent leather autumn bag comes in black too.

Italian patent-leather Sonia clutch , $98.00.

Chiffon rosette belt, $38.00. This corsage belt might be a bit over the top for some, but I think it's very pretty and feminine. Apart from this one, there are three other color combos.

Crystal spangle cuff bracelet, $150.00. I've been obsessed with cuffs lately, and they're definitely one of my favorite trends this year!


The Fashion Police said...

I love this collection too, and especially the outerwear -so lush! If someone could just arrange for it all to be shipped over to me, I'd be a very happy girl indeed!

Ivy said...

I love the retro designs of those coats, too. And anything with bows, rock my world. I'll take the last cuff, too! Phwaaarr. They're very classy and elegant designs, aren't they?

Suparna said...

Love all the collection specially the dress collection and shoes. Blue dress and purple shoe combination i like the most.

High Street Fashion said...

awesome collections.wonderful post.am in love with the dresses.

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