July 1, 2008

Selma Blair At Hellboy II Premiere

Selma Blair attended the Hellboy II premiere wearing this year's ubiquitous jumpsuit. I must say I just can't make up my mind about jumpsuits - if you're very, very careful, you might be able to pull it off, but I haven't seen that many successful outfits featuring this item. Not to mention the impracticality of it - what if you have to go to the toilet??
But let's go back to Selma... Actually, her jumpsuit is quite pretty and sexy (okay, maybe just a bit sleazy). I'll be generous, so I won't discuss how much tit tape she must have used to prevent accidents...
So what bothers me here is the perennial wide-leg problem: where the hell are her feet?? Isn't it awkward when people wear trousers so long and wide, that they render them feetless? It also makes shoe shopping completely pointless. What are you hiding, Selma? You're not wearing crocs, are you?