July 8, 2008

The Dirndl Skirt From Marni

Yeah, I know... You're thinking "What the hell is a dirndl skirt??". I think you'd be better off left in ignorance, but, if you insist... Here it is:

I told you you'd rather not know!
Anyway, it's apparently a full skirt wit a tailored waist, inspired by some sort of a German peasant skirt. AND, it's supposed to be the next big trend. God help us all!
By the way, this particular one is from Marni's Fall 2008 collection. I'm usually not a fan of Marni, but this time they've outdone themselves... A mad-patterned, brain-scorchingly ugly shirt, a sheer dirndl skirt (I keep wanting to say dreidel skirt), and those ugly-ass socks!
Honestly... Take another look and tell me you don't wanna gouge your eyes out...


Chat Blanc (aka Sandy) said...

I don't get it--why even wear a skirt if it's see-thru like that? Definitely not a trend for me!