July 25, 2008

Amanda Peet At Late Show And X-Files 2 Premiere

What's with Amanda Peet's dresses?? The two pictures were taken only a few days apart, and in both she seems like she's wearing a strange life form. While that may be in the spirit of the new X-Files movie (which I can't wait to see), I think she had no reason for obscuring her wonderful figure like that. I'm getting slightly put off by the ubiquitous ruffle trend, and the feather skirt is not the most flattering style ever invented either. However, Anne Hathaway wore something similarly feathery a few weeks ago and I remember everyone hailed her as the new queen of style. So I might be wrong about Amanda. What do you think?


Chat Blanc (aka Sandy) said...

Wow! It doesn't even look like her in those pics! She has a great body and those dresses make her look dowdy. She's looked better for sure.

kally said...

Look very beautiful.