June 9, 2008

Shoe Frenzy: Michael Kors Desert Snake Platform Sandal

As most women, I suffer from madness-inducing fits of passion for shoes - it's usually the kind of madness that makes me forget that, when I come home from a shopping spree, I'm going to have to face my husband's rage about the deficit of money and closet space... But seriously, is there a better feeling than putting on your brand new, shiny pair of high heels? Nothing makes me feel more feminine, and I feel like every outfit looks impeccable with a good pair of shoes... Unfortunately, the most dazzling ones usually come with a dazzling price tag as well... These Michael Kors beauties are no different - at $530, they're not exactly what you'd call a bargain... But just look at the fashionable platform, the elegant heel, and that sleek snakeskin.... Are you drooling yet?
If you can afford them, you can get them over at eLuxury.