June 28, 2008

Nicole Scherzinger At Nelson Mandela Birthday Concert

What with her dark glasses, all black outfit, and most of all - that tasteless lace shirt, Nicole looks as if she were attending Nelson Mandela' funeral (heaven forbid!), not his birthday party! And even if that were the case, we're all sure she has very nice breasts, she doesn't have to put them on display like that. Seriously, she's beautiful, she's got a great body, all she needs now is a bit of taste!


Maria said...

Well said Natasha. She is very beautiful, but she doesseem to be lacking in the class area.

OMG! As I am writing this comment, I just received an e-mail about you adding me as a friend. It's true. Great minds think alike!

G. said...

Wish I could look as smooth as that guy.