June 24, 2008

Fun For Fashion And Beauty Addicts

If you're addicted to fashion and beauty, and you've got some time on your hands, I have a couple of excellent, highly contagious timekillers to recommend.
Number 1 is Polyvore, where you can make your own fashion sets and dream about all the designer clothes you'd wear if you had that kind of money. And number 2 is my recent discovery - Taaz, a website where you can upload your own pictures and then give yourself makeovers and try different hairstyles. I've been playing with it tonight, so I might upload some of the pictures a bit later.
Another interesting idea is Liftmagic where you can check out what you'd look like after some of the most common plastic surgery procedures! (I thought I looked ridiculous... oh well, that must mean I'm perfect, hehehe)


Chat Blanc (aka Sandy) said...

Fun sites! Thanks for recommending!

Natasha said...

Sandy, just be careful! They're seriously addictive!