June 12, 2008

Bag Roundup

Here's a few interesting things I've come across while browsing through the bag section of Etsy (a website specializing in trade of homemade objects):

a) Things I'd like to have

I've found some incredibly cute clutches, and a laptop bag I'd put my laptop in if I had one.

Here's the lovely Asian Cherry Blossom Laptop Bag

b) Pure Fug

My heart bleeds at the very thought that a deer died so that someone would make a bag which looks like an original accessory from Homo neanderthalensis's wardrobe!

Hasn't it always been your secret fashion desire to carry your skirt over your shoulder instead of wearing it around your bum? No...? Yeah, I thought so...

c) What the hell is this??

My first guess would be that the pictures below show some sort of a puppet and a curious parasitic creature living in symbiosis with the bushes. My second guess is that they show props stolen from the filming of the Teletubbies. By the way, the first, erm, thing is described as being a "soft dusky pink" colour? Okaaaay....

Here are the links and prices if you'd like to buy any of these:
The poppy clutch - $65
The bird clutch - $58
The laptop bag - $84
buckskin bag - $69.95
tropical green purse $22.50
oh daisy felt bag - $32
flower bag - $35